What is people counting technology?

People counters are electronic devices that are installed at locations to count the number of people as they walk into the building or certain areas. These devices collect anonymous data and break them up into key variables, such as the number of entrances, real-time traffic, occupied rooms, operation hours, sales transactions, and more.

Understand better your visitors.

The eo counter will count number of visitors, and will distinguish new from returning visitors as well as having the ability to delete staff member as traffic. Wether in a co-working space, a library, an event, or a store eotech fits best. 

How it works.

The eo counter is AI driven, it counts the number of devices in a specific range that can be controlled. This data is collected, ENCRYPTED before reaching our servers and then analysed by a smart algorithm that displays your statistics on the web platform. The encryption process is irreversible thus maintaining the privacy of your visitors.

data is gold.

The eo platform is absolutely the best service we have ever created. It has all the data you need to boost your sales and understand your visitors, we simplify what is called in the business world “Customer Discovery”. 
What data does it show? Well everything, real-time traffic, new visitors, growth analytics, conversion rate, ad success rate, customer behaviour, revenue forecast, retail analytics and much more…


Most frequent questions and answers

The range is able to be regulated, from 15 meter squared to 40 meters squared, depending on the type of use and architecture of the environment.

The device can be used both outdoor and indoor, the signal range is a key factor in deciding the type of use.

Our devices work only with the eo platform, it’s algorithm is designed and engineered specifically for its use.

The web platform has a super admin, that manages other admins, these admins which could be employees can print data and access to history log, as well as accessing analytics. There is also however the ability of adding a viewer which can only view specific block of data.

The eo counter does not collect any personal data! Our counters cannot see any data beside wether there is a phone signal in the shop or not, and even this data is destroyed immediately on board. Our core business the privacy of people and we do really care.


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