People Counting

Boost the security and productivity of your spaces
using eotech’s anonymous people counting sensors.

Update the security of your spaces,

And retain data to help you control better.

Privacy-ready People Sensor

Eocounter is a smart A.I. enabled sensor that counts people anonymously without invading their privacy, while providing you with essential data to improve your activity.

& Play.

Easy to mount and ready to use, all what you need is to plug it in.


An omnidirectional antenna that receives signals from any direction.

Low power consumption.

Less than 5W of power needed to keep it running.

A.I. Driven Software

Our software learns how to adopt to its surroundings, making sure that even if the flow is interrupted it can continue to count the right amount.


Know how many people are inside your building at this moment.

Booking Management.

Cast aside outdated excelsheets and use a digitalized platform.

& Alerts.

Keep under control the capacity and get notified when you exceed the limit.

Some of our early adopters

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