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Eotech is a startup founded in 2020 in Turin, an industrial city north of Italy. Considered one of the most advanced cities in Europe, Turin is the perfect place for a startup. Eotech was one of the startups that have had been born due to the tremendous amount of support available in this area. 
It all started from a small group of students in Polytechnic University of Turin, having had enough of dense canteens and libraries, they have decided to solve the problem. 
There was the beginning of the challenge of counting people and squeezing this information to make a fruitful cocktail of data that can always be put into good use.

The mission of eotech is to maximise the security of public and private spaces, to help businesses understand and grow their sales as well as making it easier to plan and control activities.

Eotech is founded by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Ali Sleiman CEO, and Domenico Galdiero CPO. Soon later a group of experts, ambitious engineers and economists have joined the team.

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