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How could a workplace benefit from installing a people counter?

Managing a workplace that receives people on a daily basis is a tough challenge, and requires a set of extensive tools to manage it.
Some tools are very outdated and do’t do their job quite right, such as entrance signature or badge beep, and even conference rooms or office management.
To make this tools more efficient eotech have digitalised them, and made them easily accessible to all team members.

Recently, eotech have installed one its people sensors in a co-working space. Instantly it was evident that now having a clear idea of what is going inside the building became clear.
Here we can see the overview from our dashboard in that workplace.

Image taken from Eotech’s web platform

As you can see, knowing the number of people in the building is now a click of a button away.
Not only that but it also shows the maximum number reached and at what time of the day.

Transforming data into gold

After we have acquired the number of people inside the building (which the device collects every second) we can understand different characteristics. Such as what is the busiest time of the day, day of the week or day of the year. How are my visitors using the space? do they use the 1st floor more ? Did they ever use the meeting room on the 4th floor, should I transform it into a kitchen and reduce the flux of people there during lunch?

Much more than just a counter

Our dashboard doesn’t just count, it simply gives you set of tools to better manage your rooms. Say goodbye, to outdated excel sheets and papers. Using eotech’s room booking management, the secretary can easily see and in realt-time the free, occupied or booked rooms.

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