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Improve your campus experience with eotech’s real-time people counting analysis platform.

A Better Campus Experience.


Reduce waiting times in shared spaces on campus.

Space Allocation

Possibility to allocate space based on accurate usage data.


Monitor capacity and better prepare for emergencies.

Keep Track Of Your Traffic.

No more fire code violations, more organised hallways and rooms inside your campus.

Control & Validate Your Space .

Keep track of which rooms are mostly crowded and validate your traffic.

The app for students Studeo.

Occupancy Rate

Studeo is the app dedicated to students, where they can control the traffic in the classrooms before going.


They can receive notifications and messages from their university's management team about important updates.

"A survey of 1000 students from the Polytechnic University of Turin showed that 99.2% are in need of this kind of app in their campus."
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